Q1: Why are there passwords under a protector link?
A1: Some passwords are protected to avoid being leeched and make them working longer.Experimentally, we have determined that a leeched account gets banned a 70% faster than a non-leeched.


Q2: What is a leecher?
A2: A leecher is on who benefits from others’ work but does not offer anything in return, or makes only token offerings in an attempt to avoid being called a leech. In our case is who copy the passwords and posts them on other sites as their own.


Q3: Can be totally avoided a leecher?
A3: Unfortunately, no, but we can reduce the number of automatic leechers. A leecher is a user like any other, if you can read the passwords, it also.


Q4: How leechers affect the passwords?
A4: Negatively affect, reducing the working time of the account.


Q5: How long do passwords work?
A5: Can not be determined. It depends on leechers, password changes, the website…


Q6: How often are passwords published?
A6: We try to do it daily, but not always possible, and we do it every 2 or 3 days.


Q7: I used a just published password and does not work. Why?
A7: You must read tutorial “How to use passwords”, it’s explained there.


Q8: I used an account published 6 months ago and it works. How is possible?
A8: This is possible because can not be determined how long passwords will work.


Q9: If I change the password, the account will be mine?
A9: Of course no. You must not change the passwords. If you do it, be sure it will not work soon.


Q10: Can I request a password for personal use?
A10: No. And don’t contact us asking for passwords request, will be ignored.


Q11: I have ideas for the website. Can I suggest them?
A11: Yes, you can. We are happy reading emails from our users with their opinions and ideas.
In fact, PornPassParadise has evolved over the ideas contributed by our users.


Q12: How works the traffic trade list?
A12: This is an automatic exchange traffic list. When you join it, your site is in a waiting status and will not be shown until you send us at least 1 visitor to activate the trade. If the site does not send us the minimun amount of visitors, its status will be inactive. Inactive or waiting sites are deleted in 30 days.


Q13: Can my site be banned from the Traffic Trade List?
A13: Yes. If you cheat the list, your site will be banned automatically.


Q14: I want to place my sitelink on Partner Sites. What do I have to do?
A14: You have to send us an email with your site URL and the name to display with the topic “Partner List”. We will check the site and will contact you. If your site is accepted you have to put one clickeable link to us, with all P in capital letters, on a similar non-automatic list.


Q15: Will be my sitelink deleted from the Partner List?
A15: Your sitelink will be deleted if you delete our link from your site, you put our link in an automatic list, you cheat us exchanging traffic or if we consider that it does not deserve to be on the list.


Q16: Is it possible to exchange traffic using banners?
A16: No yet.

Q17: Why are there links for download a file with the passwords?
A17: Because many users asked us if we could put a link to download the passwords in a file.
Q18: What are the cracking configs?
A18: Here we will provide you the information for configure some tools/software for the specific website.
Q19: Can I participate in more than one contest?
A19: Yes, you can. If there are 3 contests opened you can participate in the 3. Contests have independent systems.
Q20: How many tickets can I have for each contest?
A20: You can have as many email accounts you have. You can only use one ticket por email.
Q21: I have to introduce my email… What will you do with it?
A21: If you win a contest we will send you an email for give you the award. When a contest finishes, the participant emails are deleted automatically.
Q22: How will I know if I win a contest?
A22: Once finished the contest, winners will receive an email and in the Winners table will be published semi-hidden with ” * ” the email.
Q23: What happens if I win a contest but I didn’t reply your email?
A23: Winners must reply this email to confirm that is a valid email. After 2 days without any reply, we will resend the last email. After 7 days after finish contest, if we don’t have any reply, the winner can not claim the award.
Q24: I won a contest and received my award, can I participate in other contest?
A24: Yes.
Q25: I won a contest, can I receive a different award or the same value in cash?
A25: No. You will receive your asigned award, but in some contests, winners will have option to choose and will be noticed by email.